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The PTA is a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.
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Our goals are aligned with the New York State PTA, they are as followed:

• To INVITE every Floral Park and Bellerose parent, teacher, school administration, grandparent, sibling, community member, and local politician into active PTA membership
• To
EXTEND these invitations not only during special membership enrollment periods but also throughout the year
• To
GROW FPBS PTA membership so that we can continue our work on behalf of children and youth
• To
LEARN about PTA and the importance of the values and beliefs of the New York State and National PTAs
• To
COMMUNICATE that knowledge of PTA to everyone
• To
COOPERATE with other committees in order to retain present members and obtain additional members





Step 1 - Join 

Click the link to enter MemberHub (Giveback)

Step 2 - Select and Fill Out

Select membership type. Then fill out all your information in the form.

Step 3 - Pay Membership Fee

Enter your payment information. It's that simple!

We Need Your Help

The Challenge
It is so important for PTA's to get our message out there so we can support all the wonderful things that we do for our community. Yet, with FPBS PTA being fundamental to so many people, the cost of communicating and promoting our valuable cause can become expensive.

The Solution
FPBS PTA has entered into the Conquest Graphics Nonprofit Grant Program as a way to support our printing needs. Please Vote for us now. Thank You for your continued support.

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