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Parents and guardians are invited to have an active role in their children’s education, and The Floral Park-Bellerose PTA is committed to helping support parents, students, and the community.

The FPBS PTA holds monthly General PTA meetings and Executive Board (EB) meetings and also works closely with the School Leadership Team (SLT).


We plan social gatherings and fundraisers (in person or virtual); host speakers, webinars, and information sessions; support our schools Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives; support parents across grades, neighborhoods, and by interest (including our families of Special Education students); and facilitate communication between Floral Park-Bellerose families and the FPBS administration.

The FPBS PTA relies on parent participation and volunteers to be successful. Please join us for an upcoming meeting or event and contact the FPBS PTA leadership at to learn how to get involved. Join our newsletter to stay updated on all FPBS PTA activities.

FPBS PTA Meetings

The Floral Park-Bellerose School PTA holds monthly meetings open to all members of the FPBS PTA and the surrounding community. The meetings are meant to be informative and helpful to parents. Meetings are in-person and virtual on Zoom. We strive to keep them relevant, quick, and interesting. If there is a topic you’d like to see addressed at a PTA meeting, email us at

FPBS PTA Board Meetings

Held once a month by the PTA Board Members. (Optional for PTA Members and Community for Questions)

Meeting Zoom Link

Dates: April 8th

FPBS PTA General Meetings

Held every month. (Open to All PTA Members)

Meeting Zoom Link

Dates: April 15th, May 16th, June 11th

*Also held in person at the Floral Park-Bellerose School. Refreshments will be served with activities, raffles, and open disscusions. Special guest speakers will be stopping by. Join us for a bit of fun!!

Meetings Minutes

Approved minutes of the 2023-2024 PTA monthly meetings.

Find out what’s going on in our school and school community! Below are the approved minutes from our monthly general meetings, which are presented and approved at the following month’s meeting (and then published here on our website). These minutes share information on PTA funding and activities, including community-building events for parents and families, plus updates on school events, including sports, arts and academic matters, and other items of interest to our community. Questions? Please email us at

2023 - 2024 General PTA Meeting Minutes

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - July 2023

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - August 2023

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - September 2023 September PowerPoint

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - October 2023  October PowerPoint

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - November 2023  November PowerPoint

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - December 2023  December PowerPoint

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - January 2024

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - February 2024

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - March 2024  March Slide Deck

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - April 2024  April Slide Deck April Budget Presentation

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - May 2024 May Slide Deck

FPBSPTA General Meeting Minutes - June 2024

2023 - 2024 Board PTA Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes - July 2023

Board Meeting Minutes - August 2023

Board Meeting Minutes - September 2023

Board Meeting Minutes - October 2023

Board Meeting Minutes - November 2023

Board Meeting Minutes - January 2024

Board Meeting Minutes - February 2024 Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes - March 2024

Board Meeting Minutes - April 2024  Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes - May 2024

Board Meeting Minutes - June 2024

2023 -2024 PTA Budget

Budget Download Link

Vote Here [LINK]

School of Excellence 

Presentation Link

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